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Arb For Training Ltd is a Lantra Awards Corporate Training Provider. We can offer a suite of quality skills training and accredited courses to meet your training needs including City & Guilds, Lantra Awards and UK Rural Skills courses. We can provide competency training for Industry professionals, Armed Force Service Leavers, Tree Surgeons, Farmers, Gamekeepers, as well as occasional users and new starters in industry. We also offer bespoke courses tailored to meet your organisations specific training needs and can also write training courses and have them accredited by UK Rural Skills and Lantra Awards.


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Listed here are some of the courses we offer:


  • Chainsaw Safety & Cross Cutting (chainsaw maintenance & cross-cut for home owners/occasional users) Bespoke course

  • Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-cutting (Lantra Awards) 

  • Chainsaw felling & Processing small trees up to 200mm diameter (Lantra Awards)

  • Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-cutting (City & Guilds CS30)

  • Chainsaw Felling & Processing small to medium trees up to 380mm (City & Guilds CS31)

  • Chainsaw Felling & Processing over 380mm (City & Guilds CS32)

  • Severing individual Windblown Trees (City & Guilds CS34)

  • Severing multiple Windblown Trees (City & Guilds CS35)

  • Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue (City & Guilds CS38)

  • Aerial Cutting of Trees using Freefall Techniques (City & Guilds CS39)

  • Arboriculture Pruning Operations (City & Guilds CS40)

  • Arboriculture Dismantling Operations (City & Guilds CS41)

  • Use of a Chainsaw from a MEWP (City & Guilds CS47)

  • Using a Power Pole Pruner (City & Guilds CS48)

  • Battery Opertated Chainsaw (Ground Based Chainsaw)

  • Woodchipper (Lantra Awards)

  • Stump Grinder (Lantra Awards)

  • Brushcutter (Lantra Awards)

  • Hedge Trimmer (Lantra Awards)

  • Ride on Mower (Lantra Awards) 

  • ATV (Quad Bike Lantra Awards)

  • 4X4 (Lantra Awards & BORDA)

  • MEWP (Lantra Awards Mobile Elevated Working Platform)

  • 360 Excavator (Lantra Awards)

  • Pesticides (City & Guilds PA1, PA2, PA6 and other PA units)

  • Rodent Control (City & Guilds Phostoxin/Talunex)

  • Pest Control: inc; H & S, invertebrate and vertebrate pests.

  • Skills Instructor (Lantra Awards Skills Instructor) (eg; Train the Trainer course)

  • Woodworking COSHH (Lantra Awards)

  • Woodworking Hand Tools (Lantra Awards)

  • Woodwork Machinery Operations (Lantra Awards)

  • Risk Assessments 

  • Tree Hazard Awareness

  • Tree Survey & Inspection

  • Emergency First Aid at Work (Lantra Awards)

  • Emergency First Aid at Work + F (Lantra Awards First Aid training for Arborists, Foresters & Outdoor/Rural Workers) 

  • First Aid at Work + F (Lantra Awards First Aid training for Managers; Arborists, Foresters & Outdoor/Rural Workers)

  • Emergency First Aid at Work +E (Equine First Aid for Horse Riders)

  • AED Basic Life Support (Lantra Awards De-Fib)

  • FPOS (First Person on Scene)

  • Health & Safety Working at Heights (including Ladders)

  • Bio Hazard cleaning: inc; removal of body fluids, hypodermic needles and other clinical waste that is hazardous to health.


Course prices include; course registration, administration, assessment, certificate and skills ID cards,

Other Info:​

Course prices are per person 

Assessment dates to be confirmed

Arb For Training currently do not charge VAT

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