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Client Testimonial...


"Thanks for a great training week, your chainsaw instruction was great and I have learnt a lot! I'm now also looking into using my ELC funding to do the rest of my training with you and achieve other Arb & Forestry qualifications"




(Service Leaver)

Client Testimonial...


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Pesticides course and benefited greatly from the learning experience. I do hope that others involved in Farming needing to do this course take up the opportunity to attend your training course. I will certainly encourage them too."



(Land owner)

Client Testimonial...


"I really enjoyed everything about the CS30/31 Chainsaw and Woodchipper course from location to the actural practical hands-on training. The instruction I received was first class as was all of the demonstration equipment."


"I really appreciate all of the help and support your company have given me to help me achieve my aim of expanding my business to also include tree works. I have since also been able to work with an Arb team which has now increased my income - I couldn't have achieved this with out you!"


Thanks Mate



(Arboriculture & Wildlife Management)



Client Testimonial...

"After plenty research I decided to attend Arb For for my resettlement as they were clearly a professional and experienced training provider. On first contact with Lesley, she was able to provide me all necessary information and even invited me to meet with the instructor, Gareth, before committing myself to the course. Gareth has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, and discussed career options, to make sure their course was best suited to me. He has the understanding of the transition process from military to civilian employment and this, I found, was a huge benefit.

On starting the course, I felt at ease straight away, with Gareth always happy to answer questions and confirm my understanding before moving on. At the end of the course, Gareth is still supporting me with job searching, and I know I shall definitely be returning to Arb For for more courses. Many thanks."


Subash Moktan-Tamang

Catterick Garrison 

   Here are several quotes from some of our course feedback sheets…


  • "Everything brilliant. Instructor demonstrated and explained everything clearly".

  • "Fantastic Instructor. I learnt so much".

  • "Excellent 2 days training and very well organized".

  • "Instructions well communicated. I now feel a lot more confident in using a chainsaw".

  • "Fantastic Instructor, clear instructions and questioning".

  • "I felt that the tuition was very good, clear and helped me to understand how to use the chainsaw properly".

  • "Very fun and effective learning. Thanks a lot".

  • "The Trainer was extremely knowledgeable and really good. I liked everything about the course".

  • "The course has excellent standards".

  • "Excellent teaching".

  • "The Instructor was very informative on all subjects covered".

  • "The Instructor is obviously very experienced and is good to answer any questions asked".

  • "Good practical experience, well explained and presented in a friendly style".

  • ​"Well taught by Instructor, who came to site which has saved the organisation money".

  • ​"The Trainer made the serious subject of the course easy to understand and enjoyable".

  • "In-depth explanations, more so than any other course I have experienced on this subject".

  • "The Trainer made it easy to absorb the course information".

  • "I liked everything about the course and excellent instruction".

  • "Friendly atmosphere and the Trainer's knowledge was excellent".

  • "Method of training was excellent".

  • "Very friendly Tutor, great location and great hospitality".

  • "Course detail was spot on"

  • "Excellent course with the Tutor's presentation and knowledge"

  • "The Tutor's information was very thorough. My questions I thought of I didn't need to ask"

  • "I learnt a vast amount of techniques and been brought up to speed about rules and regs"

  • "I now feel a lot more confident about my safety and those I'm working with"

  • "Would recommend this Tutor to others"

  • "I feel I have learnt a lot and I'm much more confident now. Thanks"

  • "An excellent course and I now feel able to identify and use First Aid at work"

  • "Enjoyed the course and feel much more confident to be able to handle emergencies at work"

  • "We covered a lot more than any other Trainer we have had before"

  • "The course was well presented with a friendly style and good location"

  • "I liked the relaxed informative training"

  • "The course was friendly, expert and safe"

  • "The Trainer provided a nice balance between the course practical and theory"

  • "I liked everything about the course. It was informative, educational, relaxed and enjoyable"

  • "I liked the depth of Instructors knowledge and friendly envirnonment"

  • "Good Teacher and I liked the different woodlands"

  • "Good training tips and good atmosphere"

  • "Training delivered in a friendly infromative way in a way I could relate to"

  • "Great choice of trees to work on and practical cutting"

  • "Very informative course in a very good environment"

  • "Very informative, good fun and enjoyed very much"

  • "Course Instructors were enthusiastic, encouraging and knowledgable"

  • "I liked the practical help received for the slower learner"

  • "I particularly liked the venue, the course delivery and back-up material supplied with the lectures"

  • "Excellent Resettlement course and training grounds"

  • "The course was pitched right for the group"

  • "Good 1 to 1 training"

  • "All Instructors were great and all were experts in all they demonstrated"

  • "Really good. Plenty of trees to choose from. Enjoyed lots of time felling"

  • "Liked the informal yet professional atmosphere and good training areas"

  • "Overall Brilliant" 

  • "Loved the ATV course - nice and muddy!"

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the fun ATV course"

  • "Gareth is a Great Trainer"

  • "Great Woodchipper training and good relaxed atmosphere"

  • "I liked the relaxed style of learning on the Woodchipper course and didn't feel pressured"

  • "The course had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere along with plenty of tea and biscuits!"

  • "The subject matter was very expert and very good"

  • "I really liked the outdoor training"

  • "I liked everything about the course especially being back training with the lads"

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the fun course"

  • "I really liked the training done by Gareth"

  • "10 out of 10 very good training course"

  • "I really enjoyed the method of training on the Chainsaw course and the setting"

  • "I really enjoyed the Chainsaw course and would definately recommend Arb For Training to others!"

  • "Very good Instructor and I'd now like to attend several other of your courses"

  • "Great Chainsaw Instructor, everything explained really well"

  • "Would recommend you to others. I really liked the training method you use"

  • "Gareth & Lesley thank you for all the help you gave me with my Chainsaw course"

  • "Excellent Chainsaw course very enjoyable"

  • "The Forestry First Aid was informative and job specific"

  • "Informative First Aid course and excellent Tutor"

  • "Gareth made the First Aid + Forestry course interesting and enjoyable"

  • "Would recommend the First Aid + Forestry course"

  • "Would recommend Arb For Training's Chainsaw course to others"

  • "Excellent Chainsaw course. Good practical experience, would recommend the course to others"

  • "Very helpful and interesting course"

  • "The course was very professional yet informal"

  • "I liked how Gareth went through things and explained everything clearly"

  • "Good Forestry First Aid practical would recommend"

  • "Very informative course. Covered all subjects fully in an enjoyable manner"

  • "Would recommend Arb For Training courses"

  • "Enjoyable Chainsaw course experience would recommend"

  • "I would definitely recommend Arb For Training to others. Great location and very helpful and approachable Trainer

  • "The small group worked well. Nice Estate and lots of trees to climb"

  • "Plenty of hands-on climbing and time in the trees. Excellent Instructor and knowledge. Would definitely recommend"

  • "10 out of 10, fantastic setting and great trees to train on. Would be happy to recommend".

  • "I liked the overall approach and incremental increase in knowledge and confidence levels. The facilities and location are

        absolutely fantastic. I would have no hesitation in recommending you."

  • "I enjoyed the Chainsaw course and all the knowledge about the trees and First Aid"

  • "Good informative Chainsaw course with a friendly atmosphere. An extremely enjoyable course."

  • "Friendly knowledgeable Instructor. Beautiful setting and lots of chocolate biscuits!"

  • "Excellent course. Definitely recommend Arb For Training"

  • "Thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I would recommend Arb For Training to anyone"

  • "Great atmosphere and the course was very clear"

  • "Excellent clear instruction. A well planned course and happy to recommend"

  • "The Skills Instructor course was well paced and had plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion"

  • "The course was excellent and the Instructor very good. A very enjoyable course"

  • "I really liked the way in which Gareth adapted his teaching style to each trainee to ensure good understanding of the subject. I really liked the practical experience of felling trees which was a very enjoyable experience. Thankyou!"

  • "Great training and location"

  • I liked the fact Gareth was ex military, it made me feel at ease and he could adjust his teaching techniques to suit.

  • I liked the in depth knowledge of everything and taught to us in a way easy to understand. I wouldn't change anything about the course, it was excellent. I will send all my company employees here once again.

  • Great facilities and equipment. Would recommend.

  • Excellent Training Skills for Instructors course, specific to my industry.

  • The training locations and drive to site were stunning.

  • Very calm and knowledgeable Instructor.

  • Trainer easy to understand. Came away feeling confident.

  • In depth knowledge of everything and tought to us in a way easy to understand. Everything was excellent.

  • Enjoyed the way the course was tought. Gareth is a top bloke.

  • The First Aid Trainers knowledge and experience I found very good and helped me understand the course better.

  • Great in depth knowledge accross all the First Aid +F topics covered.

  • The First Aid +F was industry specific and I learnt a lot in a short space of time.

  • The First Aid Trainer made the course easy to understand. I came away feeling confident.

  • Clear and concise First Aid training and course materials. Would recommend.

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