First Aid Training

The aim of first aid is to reduce the effects of injury or illness suffered at work,

whether caused by the work itself or not. First-aid provision must be 'adequate and

appropriate in the circumstances’. This means that sufficient first-aid equipment,

facilities and personnel should be available at all times, taking account of alternative

working patterns, to:


  • Give immediate assistance to casualties with both common injuries or illnesses and those likely to arise

       from specific hazards at work;

  • Summon an ambulance or other professional help.


Where an employer provides first-aiders in the workplace, they should ensure

they have undertaken suitable training, have an appropriate first-aid qualification

and remain competent to perform their role. Typically, first-aiders will hold a valid

certificate of competence in either first aid at work (FAW) or emergency first aid at

work (EFAW).




  • 1 day EFAW training enables a First Aider to give emergency first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill while at work.


  • 3 days FAW training includes EFAW and also equips the First Aider to apply first aid to a range of specific injuries and illnesses


 *** First Aid courses need to be renewed every 3 years ***

The HSE also recommend that those currently holding an in-date First Aid qualification should attend annual refresher training to keep their skills and knowledge current.

Learning Outcomes:


  • Recognise the aims of First Aid

  • Manage an incident

  • Recognise the priorities of treatment

  • Follow the Emergency Action Plan

  • Perform the resuscitation procedure for adults, child and baby

  • Perform AED (automated external defibrillator/DeFib) cardiopulmonary resuscitation

  • Recognise and manage conditions causing unconsciousness

  • Perform the secondary survey

  • Turn a casualty into the recovery position

  • Recognise and manage Airway and Breathing problems

  • Recognise and manage circulation problems

  • Understand the requirements for a First Aid Kit and reporting of an accident at work

  • Recognise and treat burns and scalds

  • Recognise and treat injuries to bones, muscles and joints

  • Recognise and treat conditions of heat and cold

  • Recognise other serious conditions

  • Understand the principles of moving and handling




Figures from the Health and Safety Executive show that 1400 tree surgeons have been injured in the last 9 years. Between 1 April 2000 and 31 March 2013 a total of 60 people were killed as a result of tree work activities and more than 4,000 have had their lives affected by the work they do. And that’s only the ones that the HSE know about, many more are never reported.

To put these figures into a wider context, tree surgery has a major injury incidence rate higher than that of the construction industry. Statistics show that the vast majority of fatal and major injuries in tree surgery are associated with chainsaw operations, being struck by a tree/tree branch or a fall. Tree surgery and forestry can be a dangerous work and it is essential that people working in the industry have received First Aid training not only to help treat themselves but also help treat the people they work with in the case of an emergency, especially if they are working alone or in a rural environment.


Emergency First Aid at Work +F (1 day course)


First Aid at Work +F (3 day course for Supervisors and Skills Instructors etc)

All of our First Aid courses now include AED (Defib) training.


Arb For Training are now one of a small number of training providers in the country who can now offer the new Lantra +F  First Aid courses. Candidates attending either of these courses will receive both a Lantra certificate and Lantra skills ID card stating that they have attended the EFAW +F or FAW + F competency training course.


The new Lantra Awards First Aid +F courses have been designed regarding recent changes to Forestry Commission policy recommendations for those who work in the Forestry & Arboriculture industries. To also include additional topics added to the standard Emergency First Aid at Work  and First Aid at Work qualification (relevant to the risks and nature of their work). These include:


Severe bleeding (i.e chainsaw injury)

Crush injury


Lyme Disease

Suspension injuries


This course is suitable for anyone employed in Arboriculture, Agriculture or other rural/remote area industries. 


Arb For Training also offer AED (Defib) training with our First Aid courses

Group discounts may be available - please contact us for details: 01789 842378













(AED (Defib) training is included on the First Aid courses)


Emergency First Aid at Work                   

Duration: 1 Day training with integrated Lantra assessment


First Aid at Work

Duration: 3 Days training with integrated Lantra assessment


Emergency First at Work + F

Duration: 1 Day training with integrated Lantra assessment


First Aid at Work + F 

Duration: 3 Days training with integrated Lantra assessment


Emergency First Aid at Work + F Refresher

Duration: 0.5 day

First Aid at Work + F Requalification (not Refresher training)

Duration: 2 days training with integrated assessment


AED Basic Life Support (Defib)

Days: 0.5 including integrated assessment


Skills Instructor course (To become a First Aid Instructor) 

Duration: 5 Days training including Lantra Integrated assessment

In additon to First Aid courses we can also offer the following Health & Safety courses:

  • Health & Safety Training 

  • Risk Assessments (Generic Risk Assessments

  • Fire Safety Awareness

  • Fire Marshal Training

  • Water Safety Awareness

  • Steep Ground & Hill Safety Awareness 

  • Working at Height Awareness

  • Conflict Management

  • Tree Hazard Awareness

  • Tree Survey & Inspection

Please contact us for further details: 01789 842378


Skills Instructor course here


Course dates here


Accommodation here

All prices quoted include: course registration, administration, assessment, certificate and skills ID cards,

plus Free complementary snacks and refreshments during your course.

Other Info:

Course prices are per person 

Assessment dates to be confirmed

Weekend training is available at an increased course fee

Arb For Training currently do not charge VAT

     Course feedback

  • "An excellent course and I now feel able to identify and use First Aid at work"

  • "I Thought the course was very well presented and well detailed"

  • "The Tutor's information was very thorough. My questions I thought of I didn't need to ask"

  • "I liked everything about the First Aid +F course. The Trainer was really good"

  • "The Instructor is obviously very experienced and is good to answer any questions asked".

  • "In-depth explanations, more so than any other course I have experienced on this subject".

  • "Enjoyed the course and feel much more confident to be able to handle emergencies at work"

  • "We covered a lot more than any other Trainer we have had before"

  • "The First Aid +F course was made enjoyable and I would definitely recommend Arb For Training"

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